Moving Company The Three Major Types of Moving Services You Can Get

Tapping the services of a moving company can provide enormous help for you. Prior to hiring one,Moving Company The Three Major Types of Moving Services You Can Get Articles you need to be aware that there are several types of moving services that it can provide. Knowing what these types are is important so that you can obtain the relocation service that best fit your needs.


There are three major types of moving service that you can take advantage of. These are the full-service, the self-service and the specialty moves. The full-service move, as the name suggests, can manage to handle the entire moving process. This means that your moving company will be responsible for packing and loading all of your furniture, appliances and personal belongings and will have them driven and unloaded to your intended location. With this type of service, you gain convenience and ample time to focus on other aspects of your move. Having the major part of your relocation handled by them, you lessen the moving stress that you are experiencing. The disadvantage with this, however, is that it can be costly to begin with. You also have to adhere to the policies imposed by the mover because if you do some packing on your own, they won’t be held liable for any damages that will be suffered by those pieces.

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Self-service moves are your typical do-it-yourself move. In this case, you orchestrate the majority of the relocation work. You do the packing 搬運服務 as well as the loading and unloading of your equipment. Usually, your mover will only provide empty trailers by your house. There is also an option to this type of service where you will be provided with a driver to safely transport all your possessions. If you have expert skills and the license to drive a truck, you can opt out the driver service and do the driving on your own. Choosing this type of service will save you hundreds of dollars. But, you need ample time as well as enough labor help from family and friends to execute the process accordingly.


Another type of service that you can obtain from a moving company pertains to specialty moves. Not all items in your house can be included in an ordinary house move. Pieces of equipment like your pool table, grand piano and delicate antiques have to undergo specialized relocation services. Your pool table or grand piano needs people with expert skills to safely handle their dismantling and reassembly. Delicate antique furniture and artworks need specialty vans with thermal regulation features. Plants and animals also require special handling whenever you want to have them moved with you as well.