Helpful Mouth Exercises After Wisdom Teeth Removal for Easier Pain Relief

After your wisdom tooth removal surgery,Helpful Mouth Exercises After Wisdom Teeth Removal for Easier Pain Relief Articles it is helpful to find out some effective and easy mouth exercises for faster pain relief. These mouth exercises not only help you reduce the pain, but also decrease the swelling of your jaw and reach faster recovery.You can also ask your dentist for more recommended exercises, but here are some the general ones that are safe to use – even a day after your tooth extraction surgery.1. Opening and Closing Your Mouth SlowlyThe day after the procedure, you will notice when your jaw is still for a while, your muscles will be more swollen and harder to move.

This may especially feel more obvious early in the morning, since your mouth hasn’t moved 剝智慧齒價錢 overnight.So to be able to open your mouth and speak or eat more easily, you can practice exercising the muscles gradually. 2.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Removal): Procedure, Pain, Cost & RecoveryNo External Touching or MassagingAnother important note to consider, is that any external massage or touching of your impacted wisdom tooth area should be avoided. Because it can hurt your muscles or in extreme case, cause a dry socket.So simply stick to the normal jaw muscle movements and exercises, instead of trying to press or massage the area with your hand.3. Use Warm Drinks or FoodWhen you keep your mouth warm, your muscles will feel more relaxed and flexible. So you can enjoy some warm tea to relax your muscles. The only exception is right after your teeth extraction surgery. Because of the bleeding, it is recommended to either not eat anything, or simple stick to cold drinks. It helps stop the bleeding and also acts as a natural pain relief to calm down the pain.How Fast Is Your Expected Recovery Time?There is no short straight answer for this question, because it depends on your age, how well your dentist has handled the surgery, and some other health factors. But usually you will feel back to normal in only 7 days.For most people, the first 3 days after the procedure is the most difficult, since your mouth is the most swollen during this time. After that, the pain will fade out gradually and you will be back to normal soon.So to make sure you will have the easiest and safest surgery process and a faster recovery time after that, you may want to choose a reliable dentist who you trust. Because when it comes to a dental surgery how skilled and experienced your doctor is, makes a big impact on how easy and comfortable the whole process will be for you.